Ian leaf corporation IDMy name is Ian Leaf, founder of Ian Leaf Corporation, which is built to serve those to feel safer in their communities. I am also the starter of Ian Leaf HFC which serves as an individual department within the corporation to stop scam, schemes and fraud. All schemes that have been found out and reviewed here are tagged with Ian Leaf Scam, Ian Leaf Tax and Ian Leaf Tax Fraud. This ruling also goes to shining the spotlight on the cons of these schemes by tagging them with the phrase, “Ian Leaf Fraudster”.

Ian Leaf Corporation has been serving and protecting families and whole neighborhoods for 19 years since 1997. In the early 1970’s and late 1980’s, there was a huge outbreak of scam and fraud activity which is what sparked the idea to bring Ian Leaf Corporation into existence. The reality of this world is that fraud and scams can happen anywhere and at anytime. All of us here at Ian Leaf Corporation understand the risk involved with simply going about our every day lives and we believe that life should not be lived in fear and paranoia. Ian Leaf Corporation  was founded with one goal in mind—to help you and your family feel safe in your own backyard and that’s the way it should be.

In 1999, the idea to strengthen the influence of Ian Leaf Corporation’s protection was accomplished with the founding and establishment of Ian Leaf HFC, which has been working along side Ian Leaf Corporation for 17 years. Ian Leaf HFC couldn’t have been made possible without the assistance of my good friend and business partner, Ian Andrews, who has over 30 years of scam and detective experience. Together, Ian Leaf Corporation and Ian Leaf HFC give fraudster and scam artists no chance of success stealing from you and your family.

The purpose of this blog is to expose scams and cons with any information we have back home at Ian Leaf Corporation and Ian Leaf HFC in order to keep you and your loved ones safe from the threat fraudsters and schemes pose. Check back regularly as evil never sleeps and new information is published ASAP.