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An Evaluation of the Lead-Generating System Created by BoldLeads

Real estate agents are sometimes troubled by the inherent difficulty of generating useful leads without cutting into the time spent working directly with clients, and the expense associated with the lead-generation process can seem prohibitive when compared to the results an agent is able to achieve with those leads. Through the creation of BoldLeads, the co-founders of the company have sought to streamline lead generation in a way that reduces the time, effort and cost often associated with other available lead-generation strategies.

As a real estate professional who has used BoldLeads long enough to understand its value to the industry, I decided to share my thoughts and insights regarding this lead-generation system while answering some of the most common questions posed by real estate agents, including each of the following:

• How does BoldLeads generate leads for real estate agents?
• What is the role of the system beyond identifying potential leads?
• Is the system easy to use or is there a fairly steep learning curve?

I have enjoyed consistent results using this system and have had to spend much less time generating leads than ever before, so while I have tried to be as objective as possible, I feel it is important to point out that my opinion of the system is certainly based on my personal experience.

How Does BoldLeads Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents?

The main tool utilized by BoldLeads to identify real estate prospects is a landing page providing estimated values for homes in the area. Anyone who happens to be researching this information is very likely to be considering either buying or selling a home, so the landing page requests further information regarding the rationale behind the research along with any relevant contact information. BoldLeads reviews this information to generate the initial leads for real estate agents and an automated system reaches out to these individuals without requiring any action on the part of the agent.

What Role Does the System Play Once Leads Are Identified?

The leads identified through the landing page are automatically entered into the user platform, which can then be sorted according to different data points depending on the specific goal of the real estate agent. The system is fully automated and is able to communicate with clients depending on their status, which means that those who are not yet looking to buy or sell on an immediate basis will not be treated in the same way as someone actively looking to buy or sell a property.

Is There a Steep Learning Curve for Utilizing the System?

The system is exceptionally user-friendly and does not require much effort at all to understand how to use it in an optimal fashion. In the event that someone does find it difficult to use, BoldLeads offers several different forms of support, including everything from webinars to one-on-one assistance. For real estate agents tired of the time-consuming task of lead generation, the system created by BoldLeads is a refreshing and highly effective alternative.

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