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Ian Andrews HFC Email Fraud Information

Email is an old form of communication, but it still works. It seems that some, although not too many people, are turning away from the Email way of communication. Email still works and through all the security we have on our email, can still be used by fraudsters to get what they want from you. A common and effective way cons would do this is by sending viruses in the email, hoping for a victim to open it. That virus would install onto your system and go to work sending your personal information to “the base”.

Ian Andrews HFC knows that email was used heavily in the past to steal someone’s identity and passwords all while installing viruses. The fraud detection and prevention department have worked and studied for many years to educate the public on what to look out for when dealing with a cyber criminal. 

There are a couple of ways to beat the fraudsters at their own game, but only if you know what to look out for. Knowledge along with proper training and experience is your only hope of defense against the fraudster. Don’t give out personal information at any cost, no matter how sincere it would seem to be. 

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Ian Leaf

Ian Andrews Leaf has been a trusted consumer advocate for many years. His product advice has helped the companies he advised save money and avoid scams and fraudsters, as well as advising them on unique tax fraud issues. With special funding, he acquired High Fidelity Corporation (HFC). Leaf makes his home in Vivier City and is registered at a bank in the same location.