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Ian Andrews Leaf Review of the “Pick-up” Scam

People seem to get smarter and as that happens, the scams continue to evolve over time. The new word on the street is there is a brand new scheme that is being called the “pick-up scam” and it has people falling for it everywhere. This scam, although brand new, has begun to spread quickly like a plague upon the gullible-minded.

Here’s how it’s working from what I understand so far. First, the prey of this scam receives a phone call from the fraud and claims they are working for the bank. The fraud will say that your bank card is needing to be replaced and a mailman will arrive at your house shortly to pick it up from you. They will also ask for your PIN in order to “deactivate the card and to give your new card the same PIN.” In order to convince and reassure you about this serious matter, they will suggest that you hang up and call your bank or the police.

Although you may hang up, the con will stay on the line and no matter who you call, you’ll still be talking with the same person who will, again, reassure you that your card needs to be collected. A bank or police officer would never say that!

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Ian Leaf

Ian Andrews Leaf has been a trusted consumer advocate for many years. His product advice has helped the companies he advised save money and avoid scams and fraudsters, as well as advising them on unique tax fraud issues. With special funding, he acquired High Fidelity Corporation (HFC). Leaf makes his home in Vivier City and is registered at a bank in the same location.