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Ian Leaf’s First Interview With

What is done in the dark will eventually be brought out into the light. This is an old saying that holds true for everything—scams and not scams. I have loved the work I had done keeping people alert and exposing scams and cons through the years and it has gotten the spotlight earlier this year through an interview hosted bIan Leaf Interviewy

The folks at were highly polite and professional. I know this because I am a big fan of their website and the various interviews they put out every so often. When I was invited to be interviewed, I jumped at the offer. What an honor! Surprisingly, the questions they had were mostly about me and who I am. They didn’t ask me anything about Ian Leaf Corporation or even Ian Leaf HFC.

Many thanks to the people at ideamensch. I am grateful to be considered worthy of your time and I thank you for an enjoyable interview!

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Ian Leaf

Ian Andrews Leaf has been a trusted consumer advocate for many years. His product advice has helped the companies he advised save money and avoid scams and fraudsters, as well as advising them on unique tax fraud issues. With special funding, he acquired High Fidelity Corporation (HFC). Leaf makes his home in Vivier City and is registered at a bank in the same location.