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Reviewing the General State of Innovation in Established Industries

17328-a-doctor-and-couple-talking-pvIn many of the more long-standing and firmly established industries, the view on the potential for further innovation is often perceived through a variety of fairly unique lenses. In music, for example, it’s been said that, “there aren’t any new notes left to play,” a complaint that goes back several centuries and probably even beyond that time period as well. Similar frustrations have been expressed in other creative mediums such as art, literature and film, but this feeling is not limited to the creative realm.

Innovative professionals like Dr. Sid Solomon have heard similar beliefs expressed from colleagues in dentistry while reviewing just how much standard practices have improved over the years and noting that even procedures that were once feared by patients have become completely non-invasive. While the general belief among these dental professionals seemed to be that there was still significant room for improvement, the general sentiment was essentially that a major shift in the manner in which the industry functioned was highly unlikely.

For someone like Dr. Solomon, these sentiments seemed to ring hollow. This is because the doctor is also an inventor who has seen firsthand how drastically an industry can be positively altered through a continual dedication to innovation and invention. In every era in which someone makes the claim that there is simply no possible way for an existing practice to be vastly improved upon, there has been someone waiting and working to demonstrate the complete inaccuracy of that particular claim.

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