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    Ian Leaf

    Ian Leaf is the owner and founder of Ian Leaf Fraud Watcher, a consortium of consumer advocates and advocacy groups that includes Ian Andrews, fraudster identification specialist, as well as many other similarly skilled professionals and professional organizations with extensive experience in effec via Pocket http://ift.tt/1WDnU3R

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    Ian Leaf HFC—Scam Protection

    What exactly is insurance fraud? Some people may say insurance fraud is when someone steals insurance from a provider. What insurance fraud really is, is when an individual makes a false claim in order to get more money. How? One way people do it is simply by getting more money by giving false information.  Ian…

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    Ian Leaf Corporation Helping Prevent Scams

    At Ian leaf Corporation,  fraud education and elimination is what matters most. The corporation takes time to teach other companies and individuals all about fraud and how to prevent fraud from happening to them. Not only that, but also works with detectives to bust scams before they get too big. As a Montgomery educator, Ian…

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    Ian Leaf City is Aware Of Fraud Safety

    Protecting yourself against con work can be complicated, but it is worth it. In order avoid it,  the trick is to not respond to emails that you find strange or misleading. That’s all there is to it! Take notice of what stores, such as gas stations around Ian Leaf City, do when dealing with suspicious…

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    Ian Andrews HFC Email Fraud Information

    Email is an old form of communication, but it still works. It seems that some, although not too many people, are turning away from the Email way of communication. Email still works and through all the security we have on our email, can still be used by fraudsters to get what they want from you. A…

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    Ian Leaf Tax Fraud – Review of Scams

    Tax fraud can be a big deal and usually tax professionals are involved. The IRS website has a great guide for how to choose a tax professional. If you choose based on their guidelines you’re much more likely to get avoid anything related to tax fraud! There are three basic steps. What type of tax…

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    Ian Leaf Home – Cleaning Concrete

    There are many different ways to keep the concrete around your home clean. There are also a couple of scam products that are well known to have great funding from home improvement companies, not because they’re they best, but they make the corporation a lot of money. Bob Villa recommends TSP and muriatic acid to…


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