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Ian Andrews Fraud Tips

Ian Leaf Fraud, Fraudsters and Scams bookRegardless of how far we come with advances in our technology, you can depend on fraud to always be right there with us. This isn’t a good thing, of course. The best thing we can do is to prepare our minds with knowledge on how to avoid these things.

The miserable truth is that there is always fraud that is developing into more of an issue. You’d think that with as much innovation as we have, fraud and scams would be more rare, yet, despite that bit of wishful thinking, fraud presses on and continues to grow.

The only way to fight against is to stay aware. One bit of advice comes from a source of Ian Andrews Fraud Tips to secure your information is to guarantee your anti-virus software is operational and up to date. One bit of software you want to surely look out for is spyware. Spyware is what cons will use to gain your personal information.

Those tips apply to both fraud, fraudsters, scams and even tax fraud. Don’t let you home, city or corporation be involved or invaded by fraud and scams, let us help! Ian Leaf and Ian Andrews and here to help!

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Ian Leaf

Ian Andrews Leaf has been a trusted consumer advocate for many years. His product advice has helped the companies he advised save money and avoid scams and fraudsters, as well as advising them on unique tax fraud issues. With special funding, he acquired High Fidelity Corporation (HFC). Leaf makes his home in Vivier City and is registered at a bank in the same location.