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Ian Leaf Switzerland

Ian Leaf Switzerland

Ian Leaf SwitzerlandIntroduction

Still thinking of completing your bucket list? What about a dream vacation in Europe? Europe has always been one of the most travelled continents in the planet. From their remarkable history and culture to breathtaking sceneries, enjoyable nightlife, romantic atmosphere and mouth-watering food, you’ll find everything here! Here are popular Europe destinations I recommend for you to explore.

Ian Leaf Switzerland

Switzerland has been a top travel destination to Europe tourists. This is simply because it is a home to stunning lakes, tiny-walled medieval towns, scenic mountains, soaring peaks, lovely churches and endless green fields you usually just see in post cards! It also offers the best skiing in the world. Take a train or a bus and don’t forget to ski at the Matterhorn. Pack a picnic at the Europe’s largest waterfall, the Rhine Falls. So what do I say? “Drop everything and travel to Switzerland”!

Ian Leaf United Kingdom

The UK is a country that includes Northern Island, Wales, England and Scotland. UK is all about variety. It is a mix of hidden gems and iconic sites, famous landmarks and caters a lot of educational museums. For me, “Traveling is not just about the place, it’s who you’re with that makes it extra special.” So if you’re traveling as a couple, I may suggest you go for a romantic break towards UK’s countryside and coast and pack a picnic basket for a riverboat cruise.

Ian Leaf Britain

Most people get confused with Britain and UK. But they are actually not the same. While UK is a country, Great Britain is an island located northwest of France and east of Ireland in the Atlantic Ocean. Britain has the best of both worlds. It showcases heritage, traditions and history while being complimented by multicultural and contemporary influences. Don’t forget to get a glimpse of royalty in Britain by visiting the Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen.

Ian Leaf Ireland

It’s just castles, and castles everywhere in Ireland. Also, the largest part of Irish Culture is the pub culture. Ireland is popular to its local beverages and small town pubs that are known to be warm and welcoming to visitors. Ireland is best to visit during their summertime.

Ian Leaf Dublin

As Ireland’s largest and capital city, Dublin is bursting at the seams with things to see and do. If you’re in for an adventure, try driving at their Forty Foot. You can also celebrate St. Patrick’s festival with the locals which hosts the national celebration of arts and culture.

Traveling is not just about being able to afford it. It’s also the happiness you get out of such experiences, the incredible friendships you form and those memories that last a lifetime.

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