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Marlon Kobacker Improves Australian Eco-Friendly Rank



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Yale University has created the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) to measure how nations are dealing with important eco-friendly concerns for Mother Earth: air, health, water, climate and energy, to name a few. Learn how Australia ranked for 2016 and the reasons why Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker is improving the country’s rank.

The EPI has ranked all the nations of the world based on their adherence to sustainability principles. For 2016, Australia ranked #13 behind New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Finland was #1. The “Air Quality” metric included exposure to fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and burning fuels indoors.

Marlon Kobacker

Marlon Kobacker

Gradually, Australia has been incorporating global standards for sustainability in its consumer and business sectors.Green Energy Professional Marlon Kobacker has conducted countless solar feasibility studies in order to encourage adoption of said technology. Marlon holds undergraduate degrees in photovoltaic engineering, computing and solar engineering.

Marlon’s specialty is life-cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and sustainability analytics. He works with private and public organizations to develop sustainable infrastructure projects all around the world, including in Australia. Step by step, citizens are becoming educated and new projects are making sustainability the norm.

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